Shin and foot protectors Arawaza WKF approved

Designed according to WKF safety rules. Ergonomically designed and very light to wear.


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Shin and foot protectors Arawaza WKF approved are high quality protectors. They are designed according to WKF competition and safety rules and approved for official karate competitions by the World Karate Federation (WKF). They are required at all tournaments organized by the WKF, in all kumite categories (individual or team).

They are ergonomically shaped, the design follows the natural curvature of the lower leg and foot to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

They are easy to carry, and the anti-slip surface keeps them firmly in place. Double stitching and reinforced elastic provide extra strength and quality. High-quality Velcro fasteners combined with rubber bands keep the guards firmly in place as well.

The possibility of separating the protector into a part for the foot and lower leg. They are easy to clean.

Product details:
Colors: red and blue
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Material: PU polyurethane (Kunstleder)


WKF odobren
Arawaza WKF products are approved by the World Karate Federation to be worn in official tournaments sanctioned by WKF. Arawaza WKF uniforms have a specific color of embroidery on the chest and back of the neck and can also have embroidery on the shoulders.

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