Women Chest protector Arawaza WKF approved

One-piece plastic protector with detachable outer shirt. With “WKF approved” label.


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Women Chest protector Arawaza WKF approved is a one-piece plastic protector with a detachable outer shirt. It is designed according to WKF safety rules and approved for official karate competitions of the World Karate Federation.

The main advantage of the Arawaza WKF approved women chest protector is the ergonomic shape and slim design that ensures comfortable and smooth use. It is worn under uniform, fits tightly to the body, and is also very light and comfortable to wear.

The outer shirt is breathable and washable.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Gender: female

WKF odobren
Arawaza WKF products are approved by the World Karate Federation to be worn in official tournaments sanctioned by WKF. Arawaza WKF uniforms have a specific color of embroidery on the chest and back of the neck and can also have embroidery on the shoulders.

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