Markers for training with carrier and bag HMS PREMIUM GTR50 – 50 pieces

Set of 50 multicolored space cones with a carrying stand.


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GTR50 HMS PREMIUM is a set of 50 multicolored spatial markers (cones) with a carrying stand. This multipurpose set is suitable for every match and for many sports disciplines. It is ideal for training team games and for athletes. Marking cones are used to demarcate the playground and to achieve training goals, such as slalom exercises. The GTR50 set is used in exercises for speed, movement agility, coordination, in training with the ball and in children’s games. An additional advantage is the carrier, which makes it easy to transport all the cones in the set. After use, the equipment is stored in a practical bag, which is also part of the set.


Material: PVC, fabric
Dimensions: 12 x 5 cm
The set includes: 50 cones, carrying stand, bag

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