Coordination ladder 8m LiveUP LS3671

Coordination ladder, length: 8m, number of steps: 16.


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The LS3671 LiveUp coordination ladder allows you to perform many exercises to improve speed, coordination, memory and concentration. They are used in physical education classes and in every sports discipline as an addition to training or as a form of warming up before training. They are also used in different games.

Coordination ladders are intended for sports where speed and mobility play a major role. These are, for example, team games or martial arts. Exercises with the help of these scales are suitable for top athletes, juniors, but also for the youngest sports fans. This product is used by both professionals and beginners. Coordination ladders are used for jumping exercises, redirection, zigzag jumps, running, drill exercises, etc.

Regular training with this ladder has a positive effect on the stability of the joints and strengthens them, improving flexibility, reflexes, mobility, strength and coordination.

The LiveUp coordination ladder is considered a perfect tool for improving the quality of training and creating a positive atmosphere during training.

By connecting several coordination ladders, we can easily create the desired polygon size. After use, the equipment is stored in one set.


Material: PP + polyester
Length: 8 m
Number of stairs: 16
Color: yellow/black
Weight: 1150 g

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